A Good Jersey Maker for Your Muay Thai Shorts

Recently, rapid changing in human lifestyle happen around the world to accommodate the ever-changing world. Particularly in mega cities, the recent lifestyle is more unhealthy and stressful than previous decade. Everything have to be done in a fast pace because wasting time means wasting money. Because of that, a lot of people prefer to buy junk foods and abandon exercise. These bad tendencies cause the elevating prevalence of obesity, which may leads to metabolic syndrome. The excessive stress elevates blood pressure, which increase the prevalence of cardiovascular diseases. To avoid worse conditions, many countries try to promote sports as one of the recommended way to reduce the cardiovascular diseases and obesity’s risk. One of the emerging sports that is popular among urban people nowadays is Muay Thai. It is a combat sport originated from Thailand that uses various clinching and stand-up striking techniques.

Muay Thai can be considered as a heavy sports as it produces a lot of sweats. For those who are interested in choosing Muay Thai as a way to maintain your health, you may need to buy a particular jersey. A good jersey is a jersey that enable its user to move around without too much hassle and is able to absorb sweats effectively. Muay Thai has a different jersey design compared to other type of sports. The jersey is in a form of shorts instead of shirts. Despite so, you can still customize your own shorts based on your taste. If you are living in Philippines, you can try to make your own jersey in, one of the best jersey maker in Philippines. This company does not have no minimum amount of order. To make an order, download the provided template by the company, and drag your design to the template by using Photoshop or other image editing software. Save the edited file in jpeg format, and put it on any cloud online services. Next, go to the website and select Order Now. offers two different of materials to create jersey. The characteristics of the materials are explained below:

  • Microfiber: made from mix of nylon, spandex, and polyester, porous and soft, giving a cool sensation despite a hot weather. It has matte color, slightly thick, flexible, and fit your body shape.
  • Hivetex: made from polyester, similar with microfiber, but lighter and the pores are smaller, thus it presents the design better than microfiber, but the price is more expensive.

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